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ANTI BULLYING MESSAGE Posted  …  Read more

23622369_538682916480058_2787119374891871362_n.jpg HEMLINGTON LINX CHRISTMAS PARTY: Friday 15th December 2017 @ Hemlington Recreation Center Cass House Rd Middlesbrough, TS8 9QW FOR YOUNG PEOPLE MIDDLESBROUGH WIDE AGED 10-19 YEARS OLD LIVE DJ FACE PAINTING PARTY GAMES PRESENTS DISTRIBUTED PARTY FOOD AN…  Read more

Multi Oberhausen Letter.JPGAlways so nice to get such positive feedback. It is our pleasure and honour to be Partners with Multi Oberhausen on the Youth Exchange between Oberhausen and Middlesbrough. Young People and Linx are looking forward to 2018 when they get the opportunity to…  Read more

The funding is for Linx to expand and deliver our Open Access Youth provision for young people aged 10 to 25 year olds across Middlesbrough. Read more


CAHMS are offering a Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service Training Programme for Parents and Carers September - November 2017. The sessions are FREE OF CHARGE FOR ANY PARENTS/CARERS and emphasis throughout the training is on ways to improve outcom…  Read more