Detached Youth Work Project in Middlesbrough


Sara Mirsalehi.jpg  

Sara Mirsalehi

Role at Linx: Operational Youth Work Support Manager

Likes: Enjoy learning new languages, exploring other culture’s tradition and of course food, as you all know I love eating!!! I love spending time and socialising with my family and friends.

Brief blurb: I am Law and criminology graduate from one of the greatest local university, Teesside! I have a vast experience of working with people from all walks of life and background.  My motto is to treat and respect everyone as an individual and empower them to achieve their full potential. I have been with Linx since August 2015 and enjoyed every minute of it, and equally all the challenges that we face as a volunteer organisation. I am proud to be part of a team and an organisation that cares a lot about young people and the community that we serve.


Joanne Harrison

Role at Linx: Finance & Administration Officer

Likes: Fave food - Parmos!! Well I am a Boro Girl…Enjoy sports – gym, spinning, actually more of a necessity than an enjoyment because of my favourite food! Also love football too, watching my daughters play and watching good old Boro!

Brief blurb: I have been at Linx for 5 years now, love the camaraderie, the team are fantastic to work with, although need gentle reminders to not over spend on their budgets! Great Company, great people who do a fantastic job with the young people.

John Burns.jpg  

John Burns

Role at Linx: Senior Youth Worker

Likes: A Good game of 5-A-Side and attempts to lift heavy weights to get huge whilst listening to metal and writing massive riffs. Up The Boro!

Brief blurb: Currently planning some new and exciting Health projects round Healthy Eating and Sport and Fitness. To incorporate fun fitness activities within the community.


Sue Keightley

Role at Linx: Cleaner

Likes: Cleaning, Ironing, going for meals, looking after my grandchildren

Brief blurb: Started working at Linx as a cleaner and can’t remember how long ago. Love keeping it clean and tidy now!!! (nicer place to work in)

Josh Harrison.jpg  

Josh Harrison

Role at Linx: Senior Youth Worker

Likes: Football (especially the Boro!), Music: Massive fan of Oasis and the Stone Roses. Tries to be healthy but loves a parmo!

Brief blurb: Josh started working at Linx on a research project about how young people use Media for health topics. He is now a detached youth worker, and can often be seen walking the streets of Hemlington doing positive engagement work with young people

Rick Tomlinson.jpg    

Ricky Tomlinson (AKA Rangers)

Role at Linx: Senior Youth Worker

Likes: Favourite food = Any food put in front of me! Sport = football. Fav sports team = Chelsea first choice and Boro second. National team= England and Ghana. Fav music = love songs when am not in a good mood, hip hop, RnB, reggae. Film = white chicks or any comedy

Brief blurb:  I support young people and family back into employment, education or training. This could mean help with one-to-one support, CV writing, interview techniques, help to apply for Jobs or benefits, and general support. I also run a Life Skills course (peer mentoring, first aid, money management and health living) to help young people or families become more employable.

I have been involved in youth work for the last 10 years and have worked across the globe: Bangladesh, Malaysia, Ghana, Jamaica and of course England! I have a degree in Community and Youth Work (from Sunderland)




Kul Peacock.jpeg  

Kulbir Peacock (aka Kul)

Role at Linx: Director

Likes: Love football especially Boro. Love to read and do arts and crafts. Listen to all sorts of music (except techno), and can be heard often singing along to tunes, although I don’t know the words to any song other than Happy Birthday!!!! Like to watch movies, be they thrillers, sci-fi, rom-coms, crime, action. My favourite TV programmes are Emmerdale, Walking Dead, The Blacklist, Elementary and many more (when I get the chance to have the remote!!)

Brief blurb: I believe that all the various experience I have gained over the last 26+ years have been enhanced by each post I have held and by each Young Person, staff member and volunteer I have worked with, all these experiences have taught me a great deal about youth, youth work, and generally working with people from all walks of life in various settings and stages in life.

In working with Young People, we believe in giving them an opportunity, an opportunity to help Young People achieve their potential whatever that maybe. I believe whole heartily in never giving up on a young person and instil that in staff as well.





Lynn Larner

Role at Linx: Fundraiser

Likes: Animals, The X-Files and green veg (not necessarily in that order or all together)

Brief blurb: Began working at Linx at the end of 2013. Came from a job where I was responsible for the North of England. Thoroughly enjoyable, but head office was in Buckinghamshire, at least a 10-hour round trip, six times each year. I do like driving but not having to stay away from home too much. Now head office is only 11 miles away – yeah……. and I get to sleep in my own bed!